Certificate Practice Statement

The Government of India holds the CA license through the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) as their entity and the CA will follow the CPS approved by CCA. The approved CPS of IDSign CA can be viewed below.

Why Certificate Practice Statement

The Public Key Infrastructure of India is connected with the Root Certifying Authority of India, as a chain, where the Office of Controller of Certifying Authorities of India operates the Root Certifying Authority of India. Under the provisions of the IT Act, CCA’s Digital Signatures are issued by the Cas of RCAI license.

The PKI of India, Certificate Policies refers to the interoperability strategies among the parties, clients, subscribers who are relied on e-commerce and e-governance in the country. The Controller of Certifying Authorities governs the Certificate Policies and Certifying Authorities. The CA’s issues specific certification that has more than one registered certified OID, which is later used for relying on other parties, for knowing if the certificate can be trusted for other significant reasons or not.

Beneficiary of Certificate Practice Statement

The Implementation of the practices and operations of the Certification Practice Statements are included for Assurance purposes. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Public Key Infrastructure X.509 (IETF PKIX) RFC 3647, and Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Policy.

Certification Practice Statement Framework are the consistency the CPS.  For the Audit Purposes, the Controller of the Certifying Authorities issues the licenses for the Certifying Authorities per Certification Practice Statement.

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