We are the authorized Time-Stamping Service providers in the country with a Licensed Time Stamping Authority (TSA) in India, regulated by CCA under Information Technology Ministry.

Why Time-Stamping

To secure any documentation of its created time and modified time, the Digital Time Stamping is a method to keep it safe and sound. Once when placed the Digital Time Stamp, no matter what happens or does, no one can change or modify the time that the recorded, which the owner provided; not even the document’s authorized owner can modify it. We obtain such integrity by binding the hash values of the data through cryptography with the time at the moment, which will accompany by source time.

Beneficiary Time-Stamping

We are the authorized Time-Stamping Service providers in the country. We synchronized with CCA, under the categorization with the Ministry of Information Technology. Based on the demands of our users/clients, we provide undeniable Time Stamps that are distinctive from the rest. Users also have a choice of generating Time Stamp through our client application form. When the Time Stamp is issued, then the certified time will be based on the Indian Timeline, in IST(Indian Standard Time) in collaboration with NPL(National Physical Laboratory).

We, the Time Stamping Service providers, have the following available for our clients. They are TSA Client, where Time Stamp can be done to any document and acquire the certification for it, and TSA API Can embed any application that already exists through the program’s interface. The services are provided with the model form of subscription.

How to avail time stamping?

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